artist books/limited editions/zines

The Chesire Cat
self published photo book, 2015, 

handmade unique art zine, 2015, 
photocopy zine with drawings and photos created on the occasion of the exhibition
ZINE WORLD at Doomed Gallery in London
Crime 'zine 
(drawing of mine included)
zine created by random selection of images from submissions to The Heart Grows Fonder 
project, curated by Miniclick Photo Talks for the Format 2015 festival at Derby UK

TPC X Michael Jang SF exhibition 
(photo of my work included) 
the Photocopy Club and Michael Jang zine from the exhibition 
at the Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco USA featuring images 
from the show and some unseen images of Michael and Carson, 2015

Embassy Gallery X 
(drawing of mine included)
tenth anniversary members publication, 2014,
risographically printed publication by Embassy Gallery, Workhorse Press 
and Creative Scotland
Iconomics I 

handmade unique artist book, 2014, 
presented in SculptureCenter NY at the Desert Island's pop up bookstore
as part of #puddle #pothole #portal opening exhibition 

A Day in Edinburgh 

self published photo book, 2014, 
in the collection of Photobookshow archive UK, Zines of the Zone archive FR,
and others 

Egg Project 

handmade unique artist book, 2014, 
in the collection of Budapest Stamp Museum
Cafe Royal Books / Project 2013  

(drawing of mine included)
Artis’s Book with Drawings published by Cafe Royal Books, 2013
in the collection of TATE Library special collection catalogue,

Yuri the Dog – Truth or Anagrammatism 
(three pages comic strip of mine included)
limited edition art zine published by Vinyl Microstore, 2007

Comics zine vol I,  vol II,  vol III 

self published comics zines, 2006 -2010