Embassy Gallery X - Anniversary publication

December 10th 2014

X is the first Members Publication by Embassy Gallery and was produced in collaboration with Edinburgh’s Workhorse Press. It contains 38 works by members of EMBASSY Gallery, risographically printed to capture a cross section of our membership at the anniversary of EMBASSY’s tenth year.

|| João Abbott Gribben, Edwin Aitken, Liam Allen, Mhairir Braden, Eric Colquhoun, Hari Conner, Soosan K Danesh, Joe Devlin, Tim Dodds, Gordon Douglas, Mark Doyle, Rachael Disbury, James Findlay, Jack Fletcher, Greg Fullerton, Andrew Gannon, Peony Gent, Keith Guy, Josh Hill, James Hutchinson, Daisy Lafarge, Abi Lewis, Suzanne van der Lingen, Martha Lyons, Margaret Malcolm, Michele Marcoux, Elisabeth McDonald, Ross McLean, Janie Nicoll, Tiffany Parbs, Santiago Paulos, Tommy Perman, Amy Pickles, Leo Plumb, Nectarios Stamatopoulos, Tom Rodgers, Jason Vaughan ||

my drawing Chimaira - Χίμαιρα is published in this (listed XXXIV)