Salon des Refusés 2014
Exhibition of Artwork Rejected by the RA Summer Exhibition

Dog Eared Studios
King’s Cross, 25-28 Field Street, 
London WC1 X9DA 

19 - 24 June 2014

Salon des Refusés opens its doors for its annual show on June 19th 
in King’s Cross. Over 100 artists from 12 countries will exhibit artwork 
that didn’t make it into the final Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
There is a uniquely wide range of genres and styles that you won’t find 
at the Royal Academy summer  show. This year Salon des Refusés 
has a special street art section – Salon de Street Art - in tribute to the 
genre’s cultural ‘refuses’/rebel status.
In addition, art therapy sessions, artist workshops, sound art and 
electronic music performances will run on each of the five days.