PROJECT 2013 invitation by CRB


Dear all
You are invited to the preview of the 2013 Project.
Books, photographs, and drawings from over 20 countries 
sharing common themes of communication and dissemination 
will be displayed at Hanover Project - the University of Central Lancashire. 
To mark the event CRB will be publishing a series of books: 
Words, Drawings, Photographs, and Publications. 
These titles will be launched at the preview event.
Words is a collection of essays by leading practicioners and researchers -  
Sarah Bodman, Jörg Colberg and Lawrence Zeegen
The preview will be preceded by a talk, arranged by Dr Mat Gregory from 
Turner Prize winning artist, Martin Creed.

Tuesday April 16th.

Talk: 3.00pm
Foster Building, Lecture Theatre 3, off Kendal Street, 

University of Central Lancashire, Preston. 
Spaces are limited and will be available on a first 
come first served basis.
Preview: 4.30pm - 7.00pm
Hanover Project, Hanover Building,off Bhailok Street, 

University of Central Lancashire, Preston. 
Refreshments will be available.

More details about the 2013 Project, and other Café Royal Projects 
can be seen here.

Both events are funded by the Contemporary Arts Development Group.


i am participating to this exhibition with drawings