Nectarios Stamatopoulos (b. 1976)

Lives in Athens and works both in Greece and UK.
His artistic output stretches in many media and is much influenced by his early stage career 
as an illustrator and comics artist containing many narrative and autobiographical elements. 
Background studies include Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts Production.
Exhibitions in museums, institutions and galleries worldwide in venues such as Tate Gallery, 
Royal Scottish Academy, National Galleries of Scotland, Royal West of England Academy, 
Royal Ulster Academy, Royal Cambrian Academy, Derby Art Museum, University of Central Lancashire, 
University of Leeds (UK), Phoenix Art Museum, Reece Museum ETSU, Ray Johnson Estate (USA), 
Karuizawa New Art Museum (Japan), Reykjavík Art Museum (Island),Benaki Museum, NEON Organization,
 Institut Français d'Athènes, TEDxAcademy and others.
He has been artist in residence at the Royal West of England Academy presenting there his
specially commissioned ''I am not Here project'' for the Drawing Lab, part of RWA / Drawn exhibition 2017.
It is an ongoing interactive artwork and curatorial project about drawing and collaborative practice
including internationally renowned names like Yoko Ono, Martin Creed, Michael Landy, David Horvitz,
John Baldessari, Steve Dalachinsky and others, to amateurs and people with special abilities.
His work has also been selected for inclusion in exhibitions by Art Societies like the Society of Scottish Artists
and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in watrecolour, and has been featured in local and international print 
and online publications such as Dazed Digital, Cafe Royal Books, The Photocopy Club and others.
Works in various museums, libraries and private collections worldwide most notably MoMA Library, 

Tate Library and Ray Johnson Estate amongst others.
Works in various museums, libraries and private collections in Greece, UK, and the USA
most notably MoMA Library, Tate Library and Ray Johnson Estate amongst others.
He has contributed work for various charity events and auctions like Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show, 
National Brain Appeal, The Strokes Association, Hospital Rooms, Visual Aids NY and TedxAcademy.
Working experience includes communication design, scenography and illustration for various clients
and regularly teaching drawing in seminars and workshops.


Using drawing as his favorite medium and with a cross disciplinary use of contemporary media he creates 
works expressing and exploring ideas about the essence of human condition in the contemporary urban environment. Incorporating drawing, painting, photography, installation, digital art, small press zines and 
comic art, and withfound material from a variety of sources ranging from old photographs, ephemera printed matter, comic book art and art history references, he creates narratives challenging the perception of beauty 
in the decay of urban landscape. Personal mark making, travelling and psychogeography, pop surrealism, 
art history and urban mythology are reoccurring motifs in his work used as elements of a symbolic portraiture
of contemporary urban life.
Much of his work ends up as printed pages in small run artist’s books and zines or as mail art, exploring 
these forms as containers or exhibition spaces for art detouring the established gallery system and creating networks for artistic collaborations and correspondence.Participation on recent projects examines the dissemination of art and information through networks via small scale and portable artworks. 

Works in various museum, libraries and private collections worldwide

Tate Library Special Collections, London UK
British Library, London UK
University of Leeds / School of Design, Leeds UK
MoMA Library, New York U.S.A.
Ray Johnson Estate, New York U.S.A.
Royal West of England Academy / Drawing Lab 2018, Bristol UK

The Postal Museum, London UK
The Franklin Furnace Artists’ Books Collection, Pratt Institute, New York U.S.A.
The FL3TC3R Exhibit Collection, Tennessee U.S.A.
Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona USA
Franklin Art Center, Minessota USA
Reykjavík Art Museum, Reykjavík Island
Karizawa New Art Museum, Nagano Japan

Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest Hungary
Osten Biennial of Drawing, Osten Skopje
Budapest Stamp Museum, Budapest Hungary
Namik Kemal University, Tekirdağ Turkey
Margaris Foundation, Athens GR
John Held Jr., Mail Art Researcher - Lecturer USA
Feevale University Cultural Space, Novo Hamburgo Brazil,
Photography Center of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki GR
Photobookshow archive, UK
Zines of the Zone archive, France


Greece / UK / USA / Italy / Germany / Switzerland / Hungary /

Austria / Denmark / Nederlands / Israel / Brazil / France / South Korea / 
Japan / Island / Skopje / Turkey